Weird Golf News of the Week: A big green dinosaur was stolen (then returned) to a mini-golf course

It's been a strange week for golf news. First, a man was attacked by an alligator for a second time and wants to go back for more, and then a big green dinosaur was held for ransom.

"Ransom" might be a big strong, but according to the Springfield News-Leader, a beloved six-foot green dinosaur that lives on Fun Acre Mini Golf's sixth hole in Missouri was stolen on Wednesday. The dinosaur cost about $2,000, according to the report, and had remained at the course since 1987.

But not to worry. After a $3,000 reward went unclaimed, police found a man wandering around with the dinosaur (it matched the description, apparently), and returned the prehistoric beast to its rightful home. The police have yet to arrest the suspect, who claims he bought the dinosaur from somebody else.

Here's a picture of the dinosaur pre-theft, courtesy of KY3: