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Weighing the value of the $875 paperweight

December 30, 2007

Phil Monk of Granger, Indiana, takes exception to our characterization of Marty Hackel's gift suggestions in the January issue:


"Smart Gifts" must be an acronym for "Some More Awfully Ridiculous Trinkets." I mean, $875 for a paperweight, $185 for driving shoes, a $175 umbrella or a $42 scorecard holder?  Sorry Marty, just drop off a dozen Pro V1s or a Natalie Gulbis calendar and you can cross me off your list while saving a grand or so.

You make an excellent point, Phil. But it's a slippery slope. Once you've bought that $42 scorecard holder, you just kind of have to have the $875 paperweight. (And anyway, what's a Monk doing with a Natalie Gulbis calendar?)

For real gifts, check out the February-issue 2008 equipment Hot List.  Nine hundred dollars goes a long way there...

--Bob Carney