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We need this 'Mario Kart' theme park attraction to open ASAP

June 02, 2017

When it comes to video games, everyone has their favorite. Some prefer the lifelike games on today’s gaming consoles, while others prefer childhood classics that remind them of a simpler time (thanks in part because of their prehistoric graphics).

With that said, there is one game universally loved by young and old gamers alike:

'Mario Kart'.

Nintendo, the makers of the legendary cart racer, has filed for the trademark 'Super Nintendo World', with their eyes set on opening an attraction within Universal Studio theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Within these trademark filing, however, is something even more exciting: Hints that 'Mario Kart' might play a prominent role in this so-called 'Super Nintendo World'. Check out the fine print below:

….management or arrangement of entertainment shows and events, namely, amusement park shows and special events at an amusement park; organization, management or arrangement of kart racing; organization, management or arrangement of motorcycle events and other events with vehicles…

In other words, watch out, Mickey Mouse, Super Mario and Co. are coming for your theme park throne in the Sunshine State. Mario has received a star power up and is knocking all challengers out of his way enroute to Universal Studios.

Keith Tsuji

A 'Mario Kart' ride just screams good old fashion fun. We all want to blow off some steam with our loved ones from time-to-time. Mad at your significant other? Drop a timely banana peel in their lane. Is there a friend that has been getting under your skin lately? See if a series of turtle shells doesn’t give them a much-needed attitude adjustment.

Needless to say, it’s time to dust off the ol’ N64 in preparation for the opening of 'Super Nintendo World'. Drive safely, my friends. Unless we're racing, in which case we hope red shells rain down upon you until we cross the finish line.