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Watch this golf-obsessed toddler's ingenious practice method

June 22, 2016

Meet Sam Blewett. He's a 16-month-old who has already caught the golf bug. And he's developed a new ingenious way to practice his game.

Young Sam has discovered that if he uses his toy golf club, he can get his house's refrigerator to dispense ice cubes. Then, he can whack said ice cubes with said golf club. As you can tell from this video, Sam enjoys this very much:

Great contact, Sam. Now we just have to work on your grip.

You can also tell that Sammy takes this routine seriously, both from the following video and his mom insisting he likes doing this all day long. Watch what happens as the dog gets in the way of Sammy's rapid fire:

You've all been warned: Do NOT interrupt Sam when he's practicing.