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Watch Taylor Swift practice her golf swing by destroying her boyfriend's car in new music video

November 10, 2014

At Golf Digest, we love seeing celebrities get into our favorite sport -- even if it's just to wreck a cheating boyfriend's sports car.

Such is the case in Taylor Swift's new music video, "Blank Space," which depicts a fairytale romance going bad. Very bad. Swift catches her boyfriend texting another girl and she flips out. She cuts and burns his clothes, destroys a painting of him, gives him a poison apple and takes a golf club (a 7-iron, perhaps?) to his precious vehicle. The full video has been taken down because it was released too early, but here's the GIF of the best part:


Obviously, striking a car with a club is different than hitting a golf ball, but hey, it's a start. And judging by the damage she did, the Queen of Pop looks like she'd have some pop off the tee.