Watch "Saturday Night Live" poke fun at John Daly

December 12, 2016

When a sports figure is satirized on "Saturday Night Live," the "honor" is a two-edged sword. On the plus side, you've reached a level of fame that transcends athletics; the show is not going to highlight a person that's unknown outside his/her realm of expertise. Conversely, SNL specializes in mockery, so your caricature likely won't be portrayed in a good light.

Such is the quandary John Daly finds himself in after this weekend's show.

In a skit titled "Where'd Your Money Go?" Daly is a contestant -- along with NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski and UFC fighter Conor McGregor -- on a game show lampooning the plight of athletes who blow their money. For those that watched the 30 for 30 documentary Hit It Hard, the two-time major champion estimated he lost over $95 million in gambling losses.

It's a tad harsh, although it's nothing more traumatic than Daly's experienced in real life. Props to SNL for nailing JD's haircut, though.