August 14, 2015

Watch Phil Mickelson purposely slide down one of Whistling Straits' hills and enjoy every second of it

Phil Mickelson just took his whole up-and-down round to another level.

After another wayward shot on the eighth hole took Phil off the beaten path, he decided to have a little fun walking getting back to his ball. Mickelson sat down cross-legged and slid down one of Whistling Straits' many hills. And he looked like he enjoyed it.

Thanks to SBNation's Trevor Reaske for catching this magical moment:

Not surprisingly, people freaked out on Twitter:

We often ponder what will Phil do next, but in this case, we have to wonder why did Phil do that? Was he bored? Was the 45-year-old trying to save his ankles from more wear and tear? Is he bitter he didn't do much sledding as a kid growing up in California?

Whatever the reason, it was awesome. Now, hopefully, he makes the cut. Rain is expected later on Friday, which could really turn Whistling Straits into a slip-n-slide. Phil, you don't want to miss out.