Watch Lonzo Ball throw perfect chest pass through moving SUV

By now, even if you've never watched an NBA or college basketball game, there's a strong chance you've at least heard of Lonzo Ball. Unfortunately, it's probably because of something outlandish his father, LaVar Ball, has said or done.

That's a shame, because Lonzo is an incredibly talented basketball player, and will likely still go very early in Thursday's NBA Draft, despite concerns from teams about his proud Papa.

UCLA fans and degenerates on the east coast who stay up to watch PAC-12 hoops (have you ever heard Bill Walton call a basketball game? It's divine), are aware of what Lonzo can do. He's a world-class playmaker, finding teammates with passes that would leave Jason Kidd wondering "how did he even see that?"

SportScience, one of the last remaining interesting shows on ESPN that doesn't employ shouting talking heads, put Lonzo's passing ability to the test in this latest clip. Of course, LaVar made an appearance, and did everything in his power to make it about himself.

Lonzo's 31.1 MPH gem is mesmerizing to watch. If he can fit it through a moving car with that speed, he'll have no problem finding a teammate through the likes of DeAndre Jordan, Kawhi Leonard and Draymond Green once he gets drafted by the Los Angeles Lak.... an NBA team.