Watch Jordan Spieth hit the best "fat" 3-wood you'll ever see

November 29, 2015

Take a look at this screenshot of Jordan Spieth letting go of his 3-wood with one hand and turning away in disgust after his approach shot to the par-5 18th hole at the Australian Open:

Based on Spieth's dismayed reaction, where do you think his ball ended up?

A. In the grandstand. B. In the water. C. Short of the water. D. 15 feet from the hole.

If you guessed "D," you're correct. Watch the full clip, which was captured by @ShutFaceGolf:

Despite thinking otherwise, Spieth hit a fantastic shot that set up a closing birdie. It wasn't quite enough to catch winner Matt Jones (he needed eagle), but it was enough to make weekend hackers everywhere extremely jealous.