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Watch J.J. Watt destroy a tee shot

May 09, 2016

J.J. Watt is half man, half Hercules. With his eye-popping production for the Houston Texans and larger-than-life stature, Watt is a modern-day Paul Bunyan.

Not surprising, then, that Watt stepped up to the tee at the Texans Annual Charity Golf Classic and pulverized his drive:

At least, we think he pulverized his drive. No one else in the group seemed to notice, prompting Watt to proclaim, "It's practically on the green!" And he is falling back on his swing, making it hard to believe he caught all of it.

Conversely, he's making an XXL shirt look like an ensemble from the Baby Gap, so let's just take him at his word before anyone gets hurt.