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Watch boxer's child belt dad's opponent below the belt at weigh-in

September 15, 2017

Boxing weigh-ins are so orchestrated they make reality TV look real. The points, threats, the "Hey, hold me back!"'s all crap. But every blue moon, an unrehearsed, authentic, "Did you see THAT?!?!" moment materializes, thereby justifying the existence of these pre-fight hypefests. A situation seen in the video below.

Billy Joe Saunders and Willie Monroe Jr. are fighting on the undercard of the Canelo Alvarez/Gennady “GGG” Golovkin super-bout this weekend. To many outside the sport, these names are unrecognizable. That won't be the case anymore, thanks to the mischief of Saunders' son:

Hey, if someone tussles your hair, feel free to resort to fisticuffs.

To Monroe's credit, he brushes it off with a smile on his face. But to those thinking about spending money on Alvarez-Golovkin, save your cash. There's no chance it tops the entertainment delivered by Lil' Saunders on Friday.