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Watch -- and listen -- as long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski hits a 99-MPH(!) slapshot

March 09, 2016

Before Jamie Sadlowski became famous for smashing golf balls, he was a standout junior hockey player growing up in Alberta, Canada. And apparently, the power that resulted in him becoming a two-time Re/MAX World Long Drive champion still translates well to the ice.

Sadlowski recently did a video shoot with Vice Sports and Callaway Golf in which he returned to the rink. The results? A 99-mile-per-hour slapshot. Check it out:

To put that in perspective, any slapshot around 100 MPH is considered extremely fast by NHL standards, although the league's hardest slapshot on record, 108.8 MPH, came from Zdeno Chara at the 2012 NHL All-Star Challenge. But at 6-9, 260 pounds, Chara is nearly a foot taller and a 100 pounds heavier than the 5-11, 165-pound Sadlowski. And we're pretty sure Chara can't also hit a golf ball 445 yards. Call us biased, but we're giving Jamie the edge here.