Watch a "Deal or No Deal" contestant make one of the dumbest decisions in TV history

December 5, 2018

WARNING: You probably shouldn't watch the following clip unless you are OK with seeing some poor sap throw away a small fortune. Sadly, that's what happened during the Deal or No Deal holiday special on Tuesday night when a man named Luis Green made what turned out to be one of the dumbest decisions in TV history. In other words, Mr. Green didn't go home with much green in his pockets.

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To be honest, I needed to take a crash course in Deal or No Deal from a co-worker since I don't watch this money grab (mostly for host Howie Mandel) program, but there wasn't much to learn. A contestant is given a briefcase with an undisclosed amount and then he gets to keep choosing other briefcases to reveal/eliminate. All the while, "the bank" offers him "deals" based on what briefcases remain to hedge against a contestant winding up with one of the biggest prizes. Got it? I thought so. It's not complicated and there's absolutely no skill involved, but tons of people like my unnamed co-worker still watch it for some reason and Howie Mandel is laughing all the way to the bank.

But there's a chance he wasn't laughing so hard after Green's appearance. With just one case remaining (other than his own), Green had a chance of walking away with $750,000 (the only higher prize, $1 million, had been eliminated) or $5. "The bank" swooped in and offered Green $333,000, which the crowd smartly urged begged him to take. But Green wanted to gamble and, well, you can probably guess what happened next:

Absolutely rough. And yet, oddly entertaining. . . when is this show on again?

Hopefully, Howie handed Green a few of the crumpled up Benjamins he keeps in his pockets to blow his nose with. After all, it's Christmas time.

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