Walmart's Twitter account daggers a Tennessee fan in most random thing you'll see all day

Did I think that on the eve of the Open Championship I'd be writing about a Tennessee fan and Walmart taking shots at each other on Twitter? No, no I did not, and yet here we are.

With SEC media days in full swing, new Florida head coach Dan Mullen is showing off his latest pair of "fire kicks" as the kids say. Besides regularly going 8-5 and being Tim Tebow's former quarterback coach, attempting to come across as hip via his "shoe game" is one of the things Mullen is known for, always breaking out a new pair during media days (a sampling of his past choices can be seen here).

Mullen wore his newest Gators-inspired pair of Jordans on Tuesday, and they're not bad:

Naturally, fans of other teams in the SEC are going to hate on them as soon as they could, like this Tennessee fan did by taking a random shot at Walmart, a store that, as far as I know, did nothing to ever hurt Houston Kress:

Honestly, it's a good burn as you can see by the retweets flowing in. Because of said burn's popularity, Walmart's social media manager caught wind of it, and apparently whoever is running the account is a big football fan and went straight to the most-crushing blow imaginable for Vols' fans from 2017. Which is saying something because they suffered A LOT of crushing blows:

Ouch. Has there ever been a game between two teams that ended up going 4-7 and 4-8 that will be more memorable than this one? When Walmart is still digging it up, the answer to that question is an unequivocal no.

But hey, chin up Tennessee fans, because the only way things can go is up, I think? First, the hail mary, then Butch Jones got fired, then everyone on the planet turned down the head coach job, then the athletic director got fired, and now they're getting dragged by Walmart. It has to get better for Rocky Top, it simply has to.