One Wake Forest football player has spent 49 days in quarantine without ever testing positive for COVID-19

September 23, 2020

Lance King

Man, oh man, this one is a doozy. If you’re having a shitty week—if you feel a case of the why me’s coming on and keep getting sucked down the ol’ self-pity wormhole—take a deep breath and remember this: At least you’re not the Wake Forest football player who has been stuck in quarantine for 49 days and counting WITHOUT EVER TESTING POSITIVE FOR COVID-19.

Yes this is a real thing that’s happening right now in Winstom-Salem.

“It’s brutal,” Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson told reporters on Tuesday. “We have one player who has spent 49 days in quarantine because of contact tracing and hasn’t been sick once. He’s in a suite and it’s just been bad luck. This is someone who would be playing for and helping us. I feel terrible for him.”

Remember being a college kid again. Remember your dorm room and it’s cinder block walls. Now imagine being stuck in there without human contact for six weeks not because you’re sick, but because you’re the unlucky SOB who keeps sitting at the wrong damn lunch table. No matter what you’re feelings on COVID-19 containment are, you have to admit: A system that requires a college kid to quarantine for nearly 50 days for an illness he has never been proven to have is a system that doesn't work.

There are going to be people who read this and think, “unbelievable, just let this kid play football,” and others who think, “unbelievable, this is why we shouldn’t have let these kids play football.” Both are a little bit right, both a little bit wrong, but united on one common premise:

This is absolute bullshit