Gear & EquipmentMarch 16, 2015

Vital Tiger Woods news: We know he still definitely favors metal spikes

There are a number of subtle findings in this new commercial for Nike's TW15 shoe, like, for instance, golfers who tie their sweaters around their necks still look ridiculous.


But really the biggest takeaway is that Tiger Woods still favors some variation of metal spikes. There is no disguising as much, starting at about the :04 second mark of the spot. That's when you hear that nostalgic clang of Woods' shoe against pavement. According to Golf Digest equipment editor E. Michael Johnson, Woods is probably not using the classic metal spike as we once knew it, but a Champ ProStinger cleat that is mostly plastic but still has the one metal spike.

You can get a better look of it here:

See the one metal spike in the middle of the cleat? It's worth noting that's different than the bottom Nike is marketing for the general public, as seen here:


It's a small distinction, but remember, most courses don't allow metal spikes anymore. According to Johnson, though, about 20 percent of the PGA Tour still prefer them.

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