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Visions of Augusta

April 02, 2007

__"It is nothing new or original to say that golf is played one stroke at a time. But it took me many years to realize it."

--Bobby Jones__


It's also one look at a time, a point made by Paul Gagne, the Montreal vision specialist who helped Michael Campbell win his U.S. Open at Pinehurst and who was a featured "innovator" in our April Golf Tech  section. And this week, one crucial putt at a time. Gagne believes that correct vision is the basis of good posture and in turn, good putting. He argues that we tend to adjust our posture to help our weaker eye and that leads to misalignment. Because Campbell’s right eye was weaker than his left, he moved his right shoulder and hip toward the ball, opening his stance, and, consequently missing a lot of putts left. Campbell used Gagne’s exercises prior to and even during the Open to correct the problem. Dr. Susan Tesch,  "developmental optometrist" and golfer from Bemidji, Minnesota—who some of you will remember as the hometown of former tour pro Billy Israelson—writes to second Dr. Tesch Gagne’s findings and offer another web site that might help. (Try Dr. Tesch is one of us. She plays two to three times a week and carries a 16.7 index. __" I was thrilled to read your article on Paul Gagne and the difference that vision exercises can make.  As you pointed out, eye sight is only a small part of Vision (which incorporates how we see things and how our brain interprets what we see).  I would encourage those who are interested in finding out if their vision systems are efficient, to be evaluated with someone who specializes in vision development.  Golfers can find out who this is in their area through the organization." __ This week, the (good) eyes have it.

[*-- Bob Carney

*](http://>COVD (college of optometrists for vision development, ). I personally used an instrument called the )