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Nothing will get you fired up for football like Kurt Warner and Jay Gruden duking it out in Arena Bowl X with Kirk Herbstreit and Mike Golic on the call

August 26, 2020

We don’t know about you, but football in 2020 still doesn’t seem real. With everything going on in this country, it seems implausible that football is going to happen this fall, and downright fantastical that it will happen with fans in the seats. But as of right now, that’s the plan and right now is only 15 days removed from the Chiefs-Texans kickoff palooza-dome on Thursday, September 10th. Like Ebenezer Scrooge before us, we just aren’t in the football spirit yet.

If you’re suffering from a similar affliction, however, do not worry. We have the perfect tonic for what ails you and that tonic is this incredible vault footage of Arena Bowl X, featuring Kurt Warner and Jay Gruden battling it out in beautiful Des Moines, Iowa with both Kirk Herbstreit and Mike Golic anchoring the broadcast. Shoot this footage right into our jugular, doc.

Suffice to say, Arena Football in 1996 looks like A PARTY, especially in the standing-room only end zone areas, where blood, sweat, tears, and Miller Lite have congealed into an intoxicating football nerve gas. You also gotta love Warner telling Golic, “we’re such a ball control team that a lot of people like to sit on us.” Lol, bro. You’re playing football on a hockey rink. Ball control ain’t a thing.

Doubling up the Ls for Kurt and the Iowa Barnstormers (a real football team name that existed in our lifetime) is the fact they were outdueled by Jay “You ladies like hookah?” Gruden on their homefield, falling 42-38 on the final play. What does all this mean some two and half decades later with the AFL long dead and gone? Very, very little. Almost nothing in fact. But we can now officially confirm:

We are ready for some football.