Golf Digest SchoolsFebruary 2, 2018

Short-Game Shortcuts

You hear golfers say it all the time: “I’m wasting so many shots around the green—I need to work on my short game.” But what does that entail? Work certainly doesn’t sound like a fun time at the golf course. Well, we have some good news. If you follow this five-part video program, hosted by Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Mario Guerra, you’ll learn that there are only five key stroke-saving shots you need. Even better, you’ll learn the shortcuts to executing each of them so you don’t have to put in hours of practice. It’s not work. It’s fun. Mario simplifies the requirements to hitting expert pitches, chips, lobs, bunker shots and those long lag putts. He also gives you a skills challenge for each so you can monitor your progress as you start this journey to better scores.

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