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Driving the ball longer makes golf a lot more fun, thanks to shorter approach shots, easier pars and bragging rights with your buddies. Plus, who doesn't love giving the ball a good, healthy rip? But power is elusive; sometimes the harder you try, the shorter you hit it. In this video series, PGA Tour instructor Boyd Summerhays offers five in-depth lessons, using tour bombers like Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott and Tony Finau as examples. You'll learn how to generate more speed, hit a power draw, practice like a pro, and eliminate the swing faults that are robbing you of yards. Join one of the country's top young teachers and discover your best path to power. You'll start taking longer walks to your ball.


1 How to Generate Speed

2 The Power Setup

3 The Pro Draw

4 The No. 1 Power Source

5 Power Fails


Boyd Summerhays

PGA Tour Instructor