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Video Golf Tips on Your Wrist

__Think ahead. Golf is a next-shot game. Billy Casper.


This NY Daily News story about flexible, paper-thin Sony video screen technology caught my eye. This new plastic (not glass) screen, which has been prophesied for years but only produced in stiff, bulky "tablets" until now, prompts all kinds of golf dreams. A wrist band with video tips or swing sequences for the range. The ability to follow a tournament while playing in one yourself. A golf instructional magazine that's paperless and portable. We have an ongoing debate around the office about whether magazines like ours will ever be replaced by the web. Those arguing against cite a magazine's convenience and portability. This Sony technology removes those barriers. Consider a flexible tablet that gives you your email,, your local paper, YouTube and, of course, the current issue of Golf Digest just like that.

See you on the range.


—Bob Carney