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Video: Charles Barkley is a lot better at Hallway Golf than he is at regular golf

February 12, 2015

Jimmy Fallon invited Charles Barkley and Hugh Grant to play a game of Hallway Golf on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday night. It ended with the host winning, but more importantly, we may have found a form of golf at which Barkley can excel.

Barkley, the man with perhaps the worst swing hitch in the world, only needed to make one full swing to start the game. After the three participants drove a golf cart a matter of feet to get to their golf balls, it was all about speed in racing around the hallway of the show's studio.

Barkley quickly adapted a field hockey approach of tapping the ball in front of him while running -- well, sort of running -- as Fallon and Grant flailed away taking a few more swings. Barkley doesn't have the quickness he once exhibited on the basketball court, but the girth he used to grab so many rebounds came in handy in a tight hallway.

Barkley seemed to win by getting his ball to the hole first, but Grant knocked it out, leading to Fallon's suspect victory. Next time, Chuck. Next time. Check out the funny clip:

Also, Barkley deserves a lot of credit for his poise. Before teeing off, Grant cracked, "This is funny. I have seen this swing." In his wilder days, Barkley might have responded by throwing the actor through a window.