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Vardon's Stack & Tilt

Don't play too much golf if you want to get on in the game. Three rounds a day are too much for any man...Two rounds a day are enough. Harry Vardon

Those of you following the genealogy of Stack & Tilt, the New Tour Swing reported on in the June issue by Senior Editor Peter Morrice, will get a kick out of these photos. We've heard that the swing has been taught or practiced by, among others, David Lee, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Jim Hardy, Mark Evershed. Teachers Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett, who are teaching it on Tour, credit Mac O'Grady, Tom Tomasello and Craig Harmon. But it may go back even farther than these Harry Vardon positions from The Complete Golfer with our J. D. Cuban photos Aaron Baddeley, who practices Stack & Tilt on tour.

Thanks to reader Ron Rendely of Olney Maryland for making the connection.

—Bob Carney