Bethpage Black. Why You? Six Words

November 10, 2008

We're giving you another chance, and this time you'll have to convince us in exactly six words why you should be the average American golfer who gets to play in the second Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge next June. That's right, not only are Golf Digest, the USGA and NBC Sports again making it possible for someone to play the U.S. Open course under Open conditions, our What Would You Shoot? contest this time will challenge golfers to be a lot more creative -- and briefer -- than you were in the 100-word essays we sought last time. The contest winner will play an 18-hole, count-every-stroke, nationally televised round with celebrities a few days before the 2009 U.S. Open at Bethpage Black in New York. NBC will broadcast the round on Sunday before its final-round coverage of the U.S. Open, just as it did this past June from Torrey Pines, where Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (84) and 6-handicapper Justin Timberlake (98) were able to break 100 on the U.S. Open setup. Matt Lauer, whose USGA Handicap Index was 6.2 in June, shot 100 with cameras rolling at Torrey, and our contest winner, John Atkinson, an 8-handicapper, shot 114. If you think you can break 100 on the Open setup at Bethpage, go to (starting November 11) and enter for your chance to be our average golfer at the '09 Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge.

We'll read every six-word entry, just as we did the 56,374 essays last time, but we're also encouraging entrants to submit a very short video (60 seconds or less) to further detail the six-word essay. Instructions on how to submit videos can be found on the contest website. If you're having trouble with the six-word concept, check out some of the videos on our website for inspiration.