Use Your Lower Body To Bomb It


Photo by J.D. Cuban

I really like what I see in these photos. They were taken during the final round of the Farmers Insurance Open on Torrey Pines' South Course in January. I averaged 303 yards off the tee that week, and a big reason for that is what you can see me doing here.


J.D. Cuban

“Pushing against the ground generates power for the shot.”

I believe power comes from the ground. When you swing down into the ball, energy from pushing off the ground moves upward through your feet, legs and then the rest of your body and finally transfers into your arms and club. Look at how my left leg is not bent and my arms have rocketed past my body. That comes from momentum; the momentum I created by staying connected to the ground from the takeway through impact. I also like that my weight is moving toward the target. Not only did I push upward, but also a little forward off my right foot. If you want to hit it farther, try making practice swings with your driver, eyes closed, and really sense how your feet apply pressure against the ground to put some speed into the swing. That's the feel you want to copy on the course. —With Ron Kaspriske

Jhonny Vegas is a two-time winner on the PGA Tour.