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US Open Thoughts

Reactions to the first four days of the Open:

Dear Augusta National, After viewing the National Open at Torrey Pines, it has become eminently clear that birdies are ok, and eagles are fantastic. Please, bring back the roars. Let them birdie the par 4's and 3's, and at all costs, let them try to make eagles at 2, 8, 13, and 15. Double bogey's hold no interest for us. Eagles and clutch birdies make us appreciate your course even more. We don't care how far under par they are; we care about the excitement the pro's can produce. Again, bring back the roars. The Masters depends on it.

Interesting comment, Brian. Please note: There were 11 on the weekend, 5 on Sunday. There were 19 eagles at the Masters, 10 on the weekend, 7 on Sunday. Sunday birdies at the Open: 212; at the Masters: 194.

--Bob Carney