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US Open: How to end it!?

June 20, 2009

Against all odds, we will not be playing the U.S. Open on Tuesday. Against my bets, we also will not have a playoff. But one Golf World reader from North Carolina took the time to voice his opposition to the USGA's 18-hole playoff anyway.


Dear Editor,>

What is the difference between 72 holes and sudden death vs. 90 holes and sudden death? NONE...... It is still a major championship determined by sudden death. The most exciting conclusions to major championships have been the sudden death playoffs at the Masters. Those are the one's people remember. The U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA should use sudden death just like the Masters to determine their champion. No one in the world would complain except for the runners-up.


Thomas Ray

Liberty NC

Thomas, we're on the other side of this one. First, it's beyond rare that the 18-hole playoff doesn't settle things. Second, I wish all four majors settled regulation-play ties with an 18-hole playoff, but the other three find it "impractical." I'm happy that the USGA does not find it so and has stuck to its guns. To me the more interesting question is this: If the 18-hole playoff is also tied, as it was in 2008, should co-champions be declared? Certainly, that might not be satisfying to the public, but one could argue that it's the most equitable result. I think the adulation for Rocco Mediate in the past year is a sign that some fans would support it. Won't ever happen, though.

--Bob Carney