US Open Contest at 16,000 plus

December 29, 2007

As the U.S. Open Contest passes 16,000 applicants, the essays take on certain themes.

One is, what I'd shoot and how I'd break 100. Our readers have lots of formulas. My favorite is "Bogey, bogey, double bogey; smile & repeat." That will result, as Dan from Portland, Oregon, put it, in "A Gretzky. A solid 99."

The second theme is loved ones nominating loved ones. Two of the latest and best:

I am nominating my husband, Dan, for this honor of a lifetime. He is an avid golfer, hits a very long drive, and has won a community golf challenge. He lives and breathes golf. We will be married for 40 years in June, and he has never missed a golf tournament on TV. He practices, plays, and practices more! Dan would be challenged. He'd play his heart out, and it would fulfill a lifelong dream to be in the midst of golf professionals. He has what it takes!