Short-Game Wizardry

U.S. Open 2021: Watch Kevin Na hit the highest flop shot known to mankind at Torrey Pines

We're constantly in awe of the type of shots tour pros execute. One of the most amazing highlights on Thursday at Torrey Pines came from Kevin Na, who's flirting with dead-last, which probably explains why he tried this insanely outrageous flop-shot at the 16th hole.

Phil Mickelson is the king around these parts, and Na channeled his inner Lefty on this shot. Admire this one—something we amateurs could only dream about pulling off.

The caption to the above Twitter video jokes that Na nearly hit one of the oft-seen hang-gliders above Torrey's cliffs with that shot. That actually might not be too hyperbolic.

Na finished his round at 6-over (T-107 at the moment), so he was likely in DGAF mode on that one. Maybe that attitude will serve him well as he fights to make the cut on Friday.