U.S. Open 2017: Brooks Koepka's left-handed golf swing is staggeringly good

June 18, 2017

OK, that does it. We could handle Brooks Koepka's mammoth drives, and his cartoon biceps, and the fact that this is his girlfriend. But one can only contain one's resentment for so long.

Because then we saw this video of Brooks Koepka's left-handed golf swing.

For the record, that's Koepka's weak hand, and it's still absurdly good—so good we venture to say it's better than 95 percent of the golf swings people make from their dominant sides. But then again, that's Brooks Koepka, the same guy who just tied the U.S. Open scoring record, said he never got nervous along the way, and has confessed to not entirely loving golf. But we're not envious or anything. Really we're not. Good for him.

Seriously, it's fine.