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Update: Poulter desperately seeking driver

November 13, 2008

Despite the fact five closed circuit TVs in the foyer of the Shesan GC captured the theft of Ian Poulter's driver, Singapore police have yet to catch the culprit. The video evidence has been of little solace to Poulter who, in an attempt to find his much-beloved Cobra Speed Pro, scanned 470 eBay entries before making the following plea:

"I'm happy to give the guy who stole it £1,000 to spend on Christmas presents and I won't press any criminal charges if he returns the driver," said Poulter.

There has yet to be a taker for the reward, but for the record, Cobra Speed Pro drivers are selling for approximately $150 on eBay, making Poulter's offer (about $1,500 USD) a good deal for the crook.

--Mary Rung