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The Plot Thickens

August 22, 2009

SUGAR GROVE, Ill.-- Just as it seemed 8-8 would be the final score of the day -- three afternoon matches are in the books, with two going to Europe and one to the U.S., but the U.S. is 1-up in the final match on the course -- Cristie Kerr put her team's approach on 17 in the pond.Â

Luckily for Kerr, the Euros played the hole like a couple of 12-handicappers and took three to get on and three to get down, so the hole was halved with double bogeys. Kerr and her partner Wie are now dormy as they tee off on 18, guaranteeing at least half a point for the U.S. and a maximum one-point team deficit going into Sunday.

For Europe, this was the textbook version of letting one get away.

--Stina SternbergÂ