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Your unofficial U.S. Open drinking guide for coverage from Chambers Bay

As with any huge sporting event, the U.S. Open might be best enjoyed with a tall glass of your favorite drink. This is, after all, one of the best weekends of the golf season. It's U.S. Open week! Celebrate properly (and responsibly).

To help make your U.S. Open viewing parties a bit more interesting -- and to get everyone engaged in the broadcast -- we've developed a drinking game for you to play. Because what's more American than watching the national Open championship with some guidelines?

Here are your rules:

References to the "unpredictability," "flexibility" or "uniqueness" of Chambers Bay: One sip.

You might hear this once every five minutes. So be careful.

Any time "links" is mentioned about Chambers Bay in the broadcast: One sip.

Then cue up the debate between your buddies whether or not a course in the U.S. can be considered a links course or not. Let us know how this goes. Don't blame us for any fights that break out.

Any time "Puget Sound" is referenced in a dramatic, muted voice: Two sips.

Automatic finish your drink if Joe Buck describes the body of water as "majestic."