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Backup Buffalo kicker lights up Tuesday-night MACtion with electric rodeo dance show

November 11, 2020

It just wouldn’t be a Tuesday night in November without some high-octane MACtion to pump straight into your bloodstream, and guess what, America: Last night was a Tuesday night in November. Kent State hung 62 on Bowling Green in a monsoon. Ohio put on a punting display that had Pat McAfee grinning like the Cheshire Cat after one too many special brownies. But the highlight of the evening belonged, unquestionably, to backup Buffalo kicker Jackson Baltar, who provided meme fodder for the next century and a half with this unforgettable “Gangham Style” rodeo dance show boogaloo. Behold true athleticism.

The Orlando native (it all makes sense now) hasn’t taken a single field goal, extra point, place kick, or punt this season, but he just put himself on the national map with these sick moves. In fact some of his teammates might even have to learn his name now and reduce the swirlie regimen to just once a week. All in all a big night for Baltar.

It was a big night for UB as well, who took down Miami (OH) 42-10, starting the season 2-0 while putting up 91 points in the process. A lot has been made of BYU and Cincinnati’s Group-of-Five credentials, but if Buffalo keeps going like this—and Clemson keeps losing, and Alabama keeps having games postponed, and if hell freezes over and pigs sprout wings—maybe, just maybe, the Bulls belong in the CFP conversation too. Lord knows no. 14 is ready for the spotlight.