Undercover Lessons: Cameron Champ

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Imagine a player who hits bullets off the tee that fly more than 300 yards but only get 30 or 40 feet in the air (so they roll another 40). Yes, such a player exists. His name is Cameron Champ, a California native, now 23, who is starting his rookie season on the PGA Tour.

Champ has quickly become the longest hitter on tour. Last year, Rory McIlroy led in driving distance at 319.8 yards; Champ’s average drive on the Web.com Tour last season was 343.1 yards. But in this 27-minute range video with Champ and his teacher, Sean Foley of Tiger Woods fame, the emphasis is on Champ learning to adapt his swing to become an effective wedge player—after all, you gotta hit the next shot, too. And just when you thought you’d have nothing in common with a 350-yard bomber, Cam’s fault—using his hands too much on wedge shots—will sound awfully familiar. Foley’s instruction is exactly what most golfers need.

Watch this entertaining tag-along with one of golf’s rising stars. You might never see a drive like these in real life—that’s what the guy who almost got hit at the other end of the range thought. Come and check it out.