Watching a tour player hit balls on the practice tee is a mesmerizing experience: the crisp sound of impact, the explosiveness, the tight draws and power fades, one after another. But there’s a level-up experience that makes even tour pros stop and watch: When Tiger Woods shows up.

Now you can see for yourself what’s so special. We mic’d up Tiger and his practice partner and longtime friend Rob McNamara and asked them to go through one of their normal range sessions. You can hear every word exchanged, watch every ball flight, and instantly see the shot data for every swing. It’s like standing next to Tiger as he works his way, and talks his way, through the bag.

“The cut and draw both feel good . . . It’s a good day,” Tiger said at one point during the 17-minute session. Find out which clubs he uses in his daily warm-up (hint: always the same ones). Hear Tiger and Rob discuss what Tiger’s feeling in his swing and what he does to curve the ball left or right. Listen in as they chat about shots Tiger hit in his recent win at the Zozo Championship in Japan, the week he tied Sam Snead’s record for most PGA Tour victories (82).

Go inside the ropes with Tiger Woods and get a peek into the routines and practice techniques that drive one of the greatest athletes of all time.