italics::If only I could hit the ball as well on the course as I do on the driving range.:: What weekend golfer hasn’t wished this? Three-time major champion Jordan Spieth knows how to consistently bring his best to the first tee, and in this five-part video series he shares his method.

But this isn’t a golf lesson in the traditional sense. We’ve gone undercover to give you unprecedented and unfiltered access. You’ll watch and listen in as Spieth works through a full warm-up routine with his longtime coach, Cameron McCormick, ranked fifth by his peers on Golf Digest’s 50 Best Teachers in America. You couldn’t get closer if you were hitting balls next to these guys on the range.

There’s so much to learn from 37 minutes of dialogue between a top golfer and his coach, but in case you miss some of the finer points, McCormick has got your back. In the companion videos, McCormick explains how all golfers can incorporate Spieth’s methods into their warm-up routines. You’ll learn things like dialing in your feel with the wedges, grooving the shape of your shots, and simulating on-course conditions so you’re ready to go on the first tee.

Warm up like this, and you might never need a mulligan again.


1 Undercover Lesson

2 Meet Your Coach: Cameron McCormick

3 The Pro-Warm-Up: Getting Started

4 The Pro Warm-Up: Finding Control

5 The Pro Warm-Up: The Final Minutes