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Under Armour's new sunglasses focus on precision and recovery

May 22, 2018

There are two technological stories that go with Under Armour's new line of sunglasses. First, there's the pair you should wear on-course: Tuned Golf. They're available in three different frame styles, ranging from athletic to more lifestyle. These sunglasses feature lenses that allow you to see undulation on the course and moving objects more clearly. They also block harmful rays from getting to your eyes. The prices range from $100 to $125 depending on frame style.

The blue-tinted lenses are the Tuned Recovery model, which are also available in three frame styles. This is where Under Armour is doing something different. Most golf sunglasses focus on how to help your eyes perform on the course, but this model is all about what your eyes need after the round. To figure this out, Under Armour conducted studies on blue light. You've probably heard of harmful blue light, such as the light that comes off of screens. That type of blue light can disrupt sleep patterns, which is why you hear the advice of not looking at your phone leading up to when you're going to go to sleep. Under Armour's studies found that by filtering out that type of blue light and letting in helpful blue light with their Tuned Recovery lenses, both the eyes and the mind were able to reach a state of calm and rest. Not only were the lenses found to protect eyes, they assisted in full-body recovery.