Twitter Dissers

May 26, 2009

Golf World reader Jay Lawrence of Fort Myers, FL, struck a chord here and in the May 25 Mail column when he reacted to our story on tour Twitterers. "Just what we need, more people carrying self-important communication devices to disrupt decorum finding out what Stewart Cink had for lunch," was how Jay began. His letter, which warmed up from there, drew several admirers.


Dear Editor,>

All I can say is "Amen Brother, Amen!"


Carl Goodwin

Houston, TX

Canadian reader John Wood took the opportunity to get some other things off his chest.


Dear Editor,>

I second the motion presented by Jay Lawrence. Why can't tour security people get these "new fans" off the premises with their ignorant shouts of "get in the hole", etc. Golf doesn't need these louts. Golf is a special game with special traditions and standards that ought to be promoted and maintained. >

In the same edition Mike Purkey's TV Rewind column showed its partiality toward the worst announcer in golf, Gary McCord. McCord was a failed professional player and is a failed announcer. He needs to grow up and learn to shut up. Golf is the show, not him and his inane, juvenile rantings. He could learn a lot from another announcer mentioned in Purkey's column, Renton Laidlaw.>

John Wood,>

Ancaster, Ontario


John: I'm guessing that a Twitter from Gary McCord is nothing you'll be signing up for, is that accurate? (FYI, I also love Laidlaw.) On your other point: I'd like to think that the guys shouting "Get in the hole" are simply imbeciles and not necessarily Twitterers. As Roger Maltbie said to Charles Barkley, to whom he'd given a tip, when Barkley accused him of being the worst golf teacher in the world: "That would be too much of a coincidence."

Of course that's not fair. I think Twitter is great for, say, scoring updates second by second. Beyond that, have whatever you want for lunch, no need to run it by me.

--Bob Carney