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Trump to buy near Pebble?

November 17, 2008

Developer Donald Trump paid a recent visit to Pasadera Country Club near Monterey and is negotiating with the owners to buy the privately-owned Jack Nicklaus course.

Discussion has been on-going for several months but has heated up lately. Should the sale of the club, located on Highway 68 close to Monterey Airport, become reality, Trump reportedly will re-name it Trump National Golf Club Monterey Peninsula.

Although Trump has a tentative agreement with owners Lee Newell, Fred Bates and Tom de Regt of New Cities Development Group in  Monterey, he still needs significant support from the 360 members, more than a dozen who would like to sell. Dues would be increased, which has made a number of members uneasy.

The bottom line is that the owners are financially strapped and Trump is ready to pounce.

"This is a tricky transaction," said one insider. "It may happen, it may not."

-- Mark Soltau