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Trump International (Championship)

May 03, 2021

Courtesy of Trump Organization

195. Trump International (Championship)

Jim Fazio (1999)

Long before he was President of the United States, or even a TV reality show host, Donald Trump built a golf course, on prime real estate in West Palm Beach, which he got from Palm Beach County. In exchange for a 100-year lease, Trump agreed not to sue the county for noise disturbance to Mar-A-Lago resort. He hired Tom Fazio’s older, less-celebrated brother Jim Fazio to design a course that would rival Trump’s casino rival Steve Wynn’s baby, No. 27 Shadow Creek in Vegas. Jim moved 2 million cubic yards of dirt to create 58 feet of elevation change and planted 5,000 mature trees. Lakes linked by recirculating streams were built, as was a monolithic waterfall on the 17th. The result is Shadow Creek Southeast. “Steve Wynn is a friend of mine,” Trump said in a 1999 interview. “I did get certain ideas from Shadow Creek because I think he did a very good job. I made them bigger and better.”

100 Greatest/Second 100 Greatest History: Ranked on America's 100 Greatest: 2005-2006. Ranked on America's Second 100 Greatest: 2013 to current. Highest ranking: 84th, 2005-2006. Previous ranking: No. 178.

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Panelist comments, Trump International (Championship) :

"Trump International Golf Club is a great example of a beautiful Tom Fazio golf course. The club and its ownership spares no expense to keep the course from being in near perfect condition. Well placed, bunkers, some exciting golf holes and strong green complexes do not disappoint and certainly add to the overall feel and experience."

"Hard to believe there is so much elevation change for a Florida course, and it's used well to create a difficult course. Water is abundant and used wisely through the design to force shot choices, as well as adds to majestic aesthetics, memorable holes. Ambience is very rich throughout course and clubhouse. They also have additional nine, which is more traditional, but has an island green hole (No. 8) that is outstanding."

"The par 5s were the best group of holes, all appeared reachable but full of risks in the form of water, sand, and vegetation hazards as well as challenging green complexes and large undulating greens with many good pin placements. The par 4s had much variety and the par threes were average in shot values, however with challenging greens that increased the resistance to scoring factor."

"Other than choices on a couple of par 5s, everything was very straightforward. Similarly, the course suffers in design variety primarily due to the fact it has four par 4s which are all dogleg rights, each with a forced tee shot carry over water. While these could arguably be considered by some to be legitimate risk/reward opportunities I do not think so because in each case the risk far outweighs the reward.

"A particularly scenic course with numerous lakes, streams, colorful plantings. Some particularly memorable holes: #14 built to an elevated green par 4, #15 dual fairway par 5, #18 dogleg right around a lake."

Courtesy of Trump Organization

Courtesy of Trump Organization

Courtesy of Trump Organization