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Watch a guy hit a putt off his dog and other really impressive putts around his house

At this point, to make a stellar golf trick-shot video, you really have to be creative to stand out. So much has already been done. You have to think outside the box.

This guy, introduced as @sammyd1222 in the YouTube box, successfully impressed us with one of the most clever and well-done videos to date. He even hit a putt off of his dog. (Sidenote: Hopefully no one tries to copy him. Sounds like a trip to the vet waiting to happen.)

The clincher is the toilet-paper dispenser at the end. Style points for creativity but for actually pulling it off, while holding the phone camera. Such a solid first-person compilation. It's like the Blair Witch Project meets golf trick-shot videos. I hope this guy's Snapchat friends appreciated the video as much as we did.