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Trevor Bauer spent Sunday night fighting the ol’ “steroid guys should be in the Hall of Fame” fight


Jamie Squire

Sunday night was the perfect storm for Trevor Bauer, a guy who has a bone to pick with every able-bodied skeleton on earth. On month four of no baseball with no resolution in sight and the premiere of ‘Long Gone Summer’ underway, the winds swirled and the sea churned. Bauer rose from the murky depths like a take tsunami, unleashing one of baseball’s dependable debates upon unsuspecting MLB fans all across the virtual seaboard. Take it away, Trev.

Ah yes, an oldie but a goodie. Sure, ESPN’s new 30 For 30 on the 1998 Home Run Chase focuses on Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, but let’s not get bogged down in details. If the sight of two artificially enhanced rock monsters crushing dinger after dinger while a Budweiser-engorged America eggs them on doesn’t make you think of Barry Bonds, who would later obliterate McGwire and Sosa’s marks like the puny little ants, then maybe you just aren’t ready for Trevor Bauer Experience after all. The Reds’ pitcher wasn’t done there, either, expanding his initial premise to include other stars of the so-called Steroid Era, making a few pretty good points along the way.

If you polled The Loop staff (or all 64 remaining baseball fans between the ages of 18 and 35), we’re guessing you would find a similar sentiment. Nobody has the time to stand on ceremony anymore. There’s too many other things to get worked up over/be protective of. If these guys played in an era where every other Hall of Fame career—including a vast majority of modern baseball’s ALL-TIME careers—was fueled by more than just sunflower seeds and Gatorade, then it’s probably time credit go where credit is clearly due. But hey, don’t blame the messenger. If you disagree, please take it up with Mr. Bauer.