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Trevino to Tiger: I can help you

May 07, 2009

Lee Trevino has offered to teach Tiger Woods how to hit the power fade consistently, at which point "he won't lose a tournament," he told Bill Nichols of the Dallas Morning-News.

"(Hank) Haney knows what he's doing," Trevino said. "He's helped Tiger a lot, but I'd like to sit down and have a session with Haney 'cause it looks like Tiger doesn't want me to help him. I'd teach him a power fade, a go-to shot. Everyone has to have a go-to shot. He used to win majors with his stinger go-to shot. Last week he didn't even look comfortable with a 3-wood on the tee; he was scared, trying to guide the ball."

Nichols writes that Trevino made the offer through mutual friend Mark O'Meara.

Trevino surely knows what he's talking about and perhaps could even help Woods. That said, Woods probably isn't open to welcoming unsolicited advice.

-- John Strege