Celebrity Golfers

Travis Kelce hits a golf ball to Mars to win celebrity long drive contest at Lake Tahoe

July 14, 2023

Ahead of the most recent edition of Capital One's The Match, Collin Morikawa analyzed the swings of the four celebrity participants, Patrick Mahomes, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Travis Kelce. But while the two-time major champ roasted the amateurs for the most part, he offered these kind words about the Kansas City Chiefs tight end:

“I don’t know how you actually play golf," Morikawa said, "but it looks pretty."

Kelce wound up being the biggest surprise of The Match, as he and Chiefs teammate Mahomes upset the Golden State Warriors duo. And on Thursday, he showed that pretty swing is also pretty darn powerful by beating Mahomes, Curry and everyone else in the long drive contest ahead of this week's American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe.

Have a look as the eight-time NFL Pro Bowler wins the competition with a carry of 362 yards. That's right, he CARRIED his drive 362 yards. So it probably wound up in the 400-yard range. Yes, there's some elevation there, but that's still silly good:

What a freaking talent. From the video we gather that Kelce beat fellow NFL star Adam Thielen, but there are also videos of Mahomes (317 yards) and Curry (318) hitting impressive pokes. But no one touched Travis. Here's another angle:

"I've never hit anything that far in my life," Kelce says in the clip. "That was smoked."

Yes it was, Travis. And somewhere, Collin Morikawa must be impressed. Again.