Tour players have always been the best models for a powerful, efficient golf swing. Now they’re becoming the models for fitness, too. With our new series “Tour Pro Workouts,” the pros share their fitness secrets with you.

In this episode, PGA Tour player Scott Stallings walks you through what he does in the gym during a typical week. Learn his signature warm-up that you can take with you wherever you go. Build up the muscles that power the swing with his intense lower-body workout, and train your upper body for more speed and control. Then, add in cardio for a higher fitness level. Also, get an inside look at Stallings’ routine on tournament days. Put it all together, and you’ve got the tools you need for better golf through better fitness.

Best of all, Stallings workouts are easy to customize to any fitness level. In these five easy-to-follow videos, you’ll learn to isolate the muscle groups that are critical to golf, from one of the most athletic players on tour.