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The Loop

Tour Edge adds E8 fairway woods to its Exotics line

September 06, 2014

The company continued using that method with its E8 line of fairway woods ($250), which features a 475 Carpenter steel face and hyper-steel body. The clubhead (shown) boasts a shallower face height with a slightly lower center of gravity than recent Tour Edge models to help foster more launch off the turf. The company's E8 Beta model ($300) has a more compact head shape that incorporates a beta-titanium cup face and a deeper face height, along with a higher, more forward CG, to produce a lower ball flight with less spin.

Both models have a "Power Grid" channel along the sole (designed to increase ball speed) that has been re-engineered to reach out more to the heel and toe areas. Meanwhile, cutaway steps in the rear heel and toe areas of the sole reduce turf drag. The sole houses a 9-gram weight that can be replaced by a 6-, 11- or 14-gram weight to adjust swingweight. The extra weights cost $20 each or all three for $50.

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