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Topgolf Las Vegas will be the craziest Topgolf ever

February 18, 2015

LAS VEGAS -- Bigger, brighter and louder. That's how Topgolf positions itself within the golf community, and it's how Las Vegas positions itself as a destination. So what can we expect when Topgolf opens in Las Vegas in 2016? The biggest, brightest, loudest and most lavish driving range in the world.


Here's a depiction of how Topgolf Las Vegas will look

Topgolf officially announced on Wednesday that it's going to build a flagship location at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Expected to open in spring 2016, Topgolf Las Vegas will sprawl over 105,000 square feet (nearly twice the average size of 65,000 square feet), it'll have four levels (as opposed to the typical of three), and will accommodate up to 2,000 people (the typical Topgolf can accommodate up to 1,250 people).

"Las Vegas represents the entertainment capital of the world," says Erik Anderson, Topgolf's executive chairman. "Being in the Vegas community means two things: 50 million people come here every year, so we'll reach a huge global market, and the credibility of being able to claim eight acres on the strip -- no other non-casino gets that kind of footprint -- galvanizes Topgolf as an iconic sports entertainment community."


Topgolf Las Vegas will be at the MGM Grand

In true Vegas style, the new Topgolf will be open through the early morning hours, unlike other Topgolf locations, which shut down at midnight or 2 a.m. "It'll be Topgolf on steroids," says Ken May, CEO of Topgolf. "Way over the top. It won't look like a traditional Topgolf. Vegas is different, so we're going big." While the average Topgolf costs $18 million to build, May says Topgolf Las Vegas is expected to cost more than $50 million. It'll have 102 hitting bays among the first three levels, and the fourth level, which will offer an unobstructed view of the Las Vegas Strip, will have private VIP hitting bays, private cabanas and swimming pools. Even more, a music venue built in the heart of Topgolf Las Vegas will solidify its status as a concert venue, which is unlike any Topgolf we've seen. Even the food at Topgolf Las Vegas will be different.


A depiction of the fourth level at Topgolf Las Vegas

"The Vegas guest has a different palate," says May. "We're working really hard on nailing the menu. Right now, our food is focused on the U.S. consumer. Topgolf Las Vegas will have a lot more international flavor." There are 13 Topgolf locations in the U.S., and another nine are currently being built. But Topgolf Las Vegas, which is slated to be the country's 23rd Topgolf, will be the most visible by far. "It'll be on Koval Street, right behind the MGM Grand," says May. "So anyone who drives from the airport to the Strip will drive right past Topgolf." That is, in part, why Topgolf Las Vegas is expected to serve more than one million people in its first year. "Topgolf is real golf -- we're hitting golf balls with real golf clubs," says Anderson. "We just make it very relevant to an entirely new audience." Let the countdown to Topgolf Las Vegas begin.

Here's a video of the ceremonial first shots being taken on the site: