The Loop

Too Little, Too Late

August 29, 2007

New York Post golf writer Mark Cannizzaro sounds more than a little disappointed in Tiger Woods. First, Woods had the nerve to skip the FedEx Cup Playoffs opener in New York last week. Then on Tuesday, Cannizzaro found Woods doing a corporate outing at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. To make matters worse, Cannizzaro wasn't on the list of people allowed to speak with Woods.

"I went to Chelsea Piers to talk to Woods, but I ended up having a longer conversation with Frank, Woods' hand made tiger driver head cover that his mother made for him and that became famous talking on TV commercials," Cannizzaro writes in today's N.Y. Post.

"The only words I managed to get in with Woods consisted of a friendly reminder to take the extra 2-iron and 5-wood out of his bag before he tees it up Friday at the Deutsche Bank outside of Boston, the second FedEx Cup tournament.

"Other than that, several nervous public relations support staff minions informed me that the only interviews being granted were for MTV, Comedy Central and ESPN.

"Hopefully Comedy Central was filming the entire scene, because it was rather comedic.

"Interesting that the company being promoted by Woods would come to the largest media market in the world and freeze out the New York newspapers from speaking to him. Now that's a rather brilliant marketing strategy."