Dad Goals

This video of Tommy Fleetwood giving his son his first golf lesson is exactly what we needed today

Well, folks. It’s Friday again. Another long week in the books, and chances are it had its ups and downs (emphasis on the downs.) In many parts of the country, we’re pushing one year of pandemic-related limitations, and that’s just the big stuff. Who knows what’s going on in your day-to-day sphere. But thankfully, we have a rare little taste of feel-good for you on this Friday morning thanks to Tommy Fleetwood, who posted footage of his son Franklin's very first golf lesson to Twitter on Thursday night. Go ahead, put a smile on your face.

You unironically love to see it. There are exceptions to every rule, but when it comes to professional athletes, there is no greater influence than a father, or at least a father-like figure. We saw that play out for real on Thursday night with Wayne Gretzky’s touching tribute to his dad Walter, who passed away at the age of 82. “You were my first teammate,” Gretzky said, and while there are no teammates in golf, this video plucks a similar heartstring (plus "first swing coach" doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.)

There are some other funny details here too, of course, namely the fact that Franklin is already rocking his dad’s signature flow and that his very swing of the club was aimed directly at the range picker. Way to start ‘em young, pops.